If a Client’s Doctor feels treatment by a Physiotherapist will be of benefit, this will be arranged. Any other treatment requested by a resident would require to be paid for privately.




Facilities Available Locally


If any client requests a Doctor, their own will be called to the Home. However, it is not always possible to arrange for the clients own Doctor to call immediately and there could possibly be a delay in these circumstances. The staff will, of course, always act in the client’s best interests and in accordance with their assessment of the situation.

The Community Dentist will call as, and when, needed by any client. All clients will have an annual dental review

The home uses the services of a private Chiropodist, who attends to clients needs every 6-8 weeks. This service is paid for privately by each individual. The local NHS podiatrist also visits regularly, this service is free of charge


Services are held regularly at the local church where clients will be made welcome. Staff at the home will endeavour to assist clients in their attendance, if requested.


Shops are within easy walking  distance of the home. If clients have any special need for items from the local shops, the staff will try their best to assist in fulfilling their request.

The management of Glendale Lodge would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions from Clients, or Relatives, as to how these facilities and services could be enhanced for their benefit. The home’s mission will always be to respond to their Clients needs and to provide a happy, relaxed and caring environment for them.

Please use the contact form on the appropriate page to let us know.

Our hairdresser calls every week and can be available on request. Clients can also have their own hairdresser attend at their own request